The only law that governs us is the common good. The people who work and make an effort to generate abundance and in this way, redistribute the world with work and social opportunities. Each of us has a story that inspires thousands to fight for their dreams and transform their lives day by day. We are passionate about fulfilling dreams, building life stories and knowing that we have no limits. Everyone is invited to join!


Teoma Nation

The T Nation is Teoma Nation, a company founded by the Novoa brothers to share one purpose: well-being for all through cosmetics and supplements with high-nutritional value. This way, we provide an opportunity for real growth.

We continue to grow

We are a Peruvian company of marketing networks with 3 laboratories of its own in Peru and soon in Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico. We have scientists, researchers, nutritionists and biologists who work to guarantee the quality of each product.


David Novoa


David is characterized for always promoting our teamwork philosophy, willing to cooperate and empower everyone has a clear path to achieve his objective, which favors us as a corporation.

Felipe Novoa


Felipe is passionate about teaching through example when having to show that work is achieved through perseverance and as a team. He is happy supporting everyone to achieve their objectives and see how they grow everyday.

Richard Pereira


Entrepreneur with extensive experience in generating disruptive challenges that take companies to another level, with human values applied with his work team in all his years as director of different national and transnational companies. He is an expert strategist in providing creative solutions to the most complicated challenges. But above all, he is a person with great social conscience and human nobility.


Teoma Nation

To share our products and services with health-minded people across the globe.


We envision a better world where people live healthy fulfilling lives.


• Health
• Loyalty

• Integrity
• Respect