•  Explore a virtual learning space focused on the Human Being and life’s purpose.
•  Create Learning paths according to your skills and interests
•  Learn from specialists, inspiring leaders and mentors
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Bivo® is the first store without octagons in Peru, offering a unique shopping experience connecting the best healthy eating options with people seeking a better life.
Release your highest potential with tailored routines.
A virtual space focused on you and your life's purpose.
Online educational platform where you learn to trade


We want to help you stregnthen your skills so that you can see and feel that everything is possible. We offer you Niuuflex, Moorefit, Bivo and Sudaca, four services that will be there with you always.

Be Infinitus es una plataforma educativa online en la que aprendes a realizar trading e inversiones en vivo en los mercados financieros. Los usuarios además forman parte de una comunidad de emprendedores que diariamente practican copy trading, realizando operaciones en vivo guiados por un trader profesional. En BE Infinitus aprendes a invertir de forma segura y con riesgo controlado.


Virtual Space for Your Health

Niufleex is one of Teoma’s excellent proposals, created to continue shaping the path and future of each of its entrepreneurs. It is the first multidisciplinary educational platform providing courses in Network Marketing and other areas. It allows everyone to learn through leading virtual courses focused on human beings, in order to continue contributing to society’s education and well-being.


Home Fitness Your Way

Moorefit is an online customized training program that allows you to train from the comfort of your own home. It is a proposal created to support everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle, including physical activity in your daily routine. Moorefit is the best option for an ideal online fitness and unleashing all your potential.


Your Health Market

Bivo is the first octagon-free market chain in Peru, offering a unique shopping experience, connecting people seeking a healthier life with the best diet alternatives. Bivo allows you to shop with the security of having the best selection of products not just from local and global suppliers but also the from the complete catalog of Teoma products: the number 1 marketing network in Latin America.

Bivo won the FAO and ASPEC (Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users) awards as the best healthy diet initiative for 2020 and is projected to keep growing globally as a leader in the category.