Using Sunblock In The Winter


The sunny days are leaving and we enter cold days, apparently without sun rays, because we do not see them, however, they are there! We have to take care of these rays so that they do not damage our skin.

It is the ozone layer that is responsible for dampening or filtering ultraviolet rays, among the most important or that cause the most damage to us are UVA and UVB. The thinning of the ozone layer, produced by the greenhouse effect and environmental pollution, has caused this layer to reduce its thickness and filter capacity for rays, which is why our exposure to radiation has increased.

The medical recommendation is that, in winter and summer, with or without sun, we use sunscreen in photo-exposed areas or areas of the body where radiation falls directly on us, such as the face, hands, neck, and décolleté.

There are other factors that can condition to aggravate skin damage in winter such as low temperatures, dry environments or use of air conditioning and heating. In addition, in general, less water is consumed and that also hurts us.

Teoma has very good suggestions for you to protect your skin all year round:

  • Maintain a good level of hydration. Drink fluids continuously throughout the day, an approximate recommendation is 35 ml per kilogram of weight (multiply the weight in kg by 35 = number of milliliters to consume in a day) as long as there are no underlying heart or kidney problems. Remember that you can consume filtered water from our Vita water purifier by Hidrolit by Teoma.
  • Use sunscreen with a broad spectrum sun protection factor, ideally 50 or more, every day before leaving home, the ideal is to reapply it if there is sweating.
  • Before applying sunscreen, use your facial cleansing kit with the 3 steps: clean, tone and moisturize, in all seasons. Whether you have dry to normal or combination to oily skin, this cleansing kit, whose main components are rice water, tara, cat's claw, canchalagua, matico, pentavitin, among others, is the only natural association on the market. with such powerful components. Prepare your facial skin so that it remains protected and that the external factors that cause aging do not negatively impact it. Remember that moisturizing is essential to avoid dehydration of the skin. Best of all, we will have an incredible upgrade to this kit soon.
  • As for facial treatments, we have a cream designed for every need, including:

    Shine: night lightening cream, an excellent alternative when depigmenting, it manages to significantly reduce the pigmentation produced by the sun, it is used at night.

    : regenerating cream that can be used both day and night, to achieve a repair of the skin, with greater tone, firmness and elasticity.

    Ageless: anti-wrinkle cream, which relaxes expression lines for a fresher and fresher appearance.

If you are going to go to sunny places, use additional protection such as a hat, cap, long-sleeved cotton polo shirts and light colors. Remember the importance of protecting your eyes from radiation, since they can be greatly affected and lead to accelerated aging. Wear sunglasses with UV protection.

There are many benefits from the sun, since it is, for example, a regulator of the circadian rhythm, improves the fixation of calcium in the bones, metabolizes fats, enhances immunity, among many others, but we always bear in mind that everything in excess is bad . Prevention is done all year round.

It should be remembered that all our products can be used by both men and women. They are based on natural products, free of sulfates, parabens and salt, which makes Teoma a leading company with a high level of quality, which uses products from Peru and presents them to the whole world.

Let's enjoy this winter in a safe way, staying healthy and in good condition.

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Using Sunblock In The Winter

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