How To Channel Anxiety


It's three in the morning, everyone sleeps at your house, but not you. You toss and turn in bed from one side to the other. You think and think. You do not know what to do. You despair, you sweat, you go to the bathroom, you come back. You can't get to sleep for nothing. You feel identified?

Sleeping recharges energy, gives us the strength we need for the next day, such as when you plug in the cell phone to recharge the battery at night and have it ready when we wake up.

According to the World Health Organization, 40% of the world's population suffers from insomnia at any time in their life, due to circumstances related to some stressful but temporary problem. 10% face this problem chronically, as a result of a physical or mental illness, such as anxiety or depression.

What really happens when we can't get to sleep? What is the fear, the anguish, that disturbs us? Where does that anxiety come from? Well, it seems that it comes from the depths of the soul. It is an uneasiness, a fear, like a cold wind that embraces you and does not leave you, that grows and floods your whole being; sometimes drowning and despairing. In those moments, the reality is that your defenses go down and it is as if you put a sign over yourself inviting diseases to come to you.

Anxiety can be normal, as long as it stays within proper limits. It makes sense when we face new challenges or have to face certain complicated situations. But, when it is constant, it exhausts, weakens, makes your body sick and gradually destroys health.

The big question is: how do I prevent anxiety from settling in, settling in my body? Fundamental, for me, is: "decide well." Deciding well today is gravitant, because your body will take its toll on you tomorrow. It would be great to have three hearts or seven spare lungs. It would be incredible! But the reality is that this is not the case and anxiety can make us sick from the inside out.

Fear is the door to what could happen. That is why I tell you that, if you decide well today, you will be calm tomorrow. You will be able to dance, whistle, laugh, because you will be calm with your conscience and anxiety will have no place in your being, because you will be sure that, despite everything, you decided well, and that conviction will give you peace of mind.

Anxiety and fear are cousins, but they are not the same. Fear sees a threat. Anxiety, on the other hand, imagines it, and imagines it with all the damage it could do, oversizing it.

Another way I can help myself cope with anxiety is to live one day at a time, putting aside worries that are not for today. I do sports, I enjoy the day, I enjoy my family, I celebrate the little details of each day, producing without worrying about anything, FOR NOTHING! (like this, in capital letters) that causes me concern. Worry suffocates not just the mind, but the body. Etymologically, "concern" is a compound word, which comes from the Greek merimnao, which is the sum of these two terms: "merizo", to divide, and "nous", mind. Worry divides the mind and that is extremely dangerous for good health, because it takes away your energy and concentration. You must not allow your mind to become your own enemy and destroy your health. Learn to trust that you have no control over tomorrow, only what you do today, and if you decide well today, you will learn to face tomorrow better.

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How To Channel Anxiety

It's three in the morning, everyone sleeps at your house, but not you. You toss and turn in bed from one side to the other. You think and think. You do not know what to do. You despair, you sweat, you go to the bath

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