Good Habits Prevent Disease


The disease has been the company of human beings. We see in ancient papyri the existence of diseases, even those that now seem new to us.

In ancient times, the disease was seen as the punishment of the gods or the actions of the spirits, and the behavior of men was to make sacrifices to idols to experience healing, or to perform rituals to scare away said spirits. Until the last century, in the light of the development of medicine, diseases were studied; many times science (especially anatomy) was developed clandestinely by the veto of religion that always delayed the peoples. The origin of diseases began to be explained and, therefore, the way to treat them was discovered. Later, therapeutic regimens were developed with great success in most diseases, although until now there are many that cannot be treated. Only at the beginning of this decade it was suggested that many diseases could be avoided.

Our Western mentality is limited only to the treatment of diseases and, in some cases, the way to prevent them, however, more than 5000 years ago in Eastern culture the way to prevent them and, above all, how to preserve health was already practiced. . You had a very high concept of life, and you had to love it and have a proactive behavior towards it.

Currently, there are very good currents that promote how to prevent diseases and preserve health, will it be possible not to get sick? Is it true that life can be prolonged?

In this article we can mention some ways to achieve this, for this we will have to approach this issue from several aspects:

  • What we must do is recover our first love; The first person we must love is ourselves, and this is not narcissism, it is becoming aware of how valuable we are. Then ask ourselves how we are going to be able to always stay well. Instead of having a reactive behavior, we must have a proactive behavior: wake up and ask ourselves what are the actions that we are going to take to stay healthy and strong.

  • It is necessary to review our diet; Eating plenty is not synonymous with proper nutrition. Our food must contain all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body, these are: carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and minerals. And exercise with a suitable exercise plan designed to strengthen muscles and improve circulation.

It is essential to create the necessary conditions for the emotional area trying to eliminate the toxic elements for our mind.

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Good Habits Prevent Disease

The disease has been the company of human beings. We see in ancient papyri the existence of diseases, even those that now seem new to us. In ancient times, the disease was seen as the punishment of the gods or the

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